The skills through which an individual is able to read alphabets and sentences written in a text and are able to comprehend it. 

There’s a variety of skills that children develop at a young age which contribute to their personality development and reading skills is one of the essential ones. Through reading skills, children are able to understand what they’re reading and it is a huge factor in not only English but all the subjects. In this blog, we will be covering the different ways to improve your child’s reading skills through other skills. 

Reading Techniques:

Reading can be a different experience for everybody, and inculcates abilities in readers to comprehend the written texts. Let’s go through some of the widespread reading skills.


Skimming, which is also referred to as the gist reading, is going through the text by skipping sections to grasp the main idea.  Here, the reader doesn't read each and every word of the text in detail, but just focuses on the main idea or the theme of the text.  Examples of skimming can include reading magazines or newspapers.


In this technique, the reader is specifically looking for a certain piece of information, while ignoring and rejecting all the irrelevant information in the text.  The reader quickly scans and scuttles across the text, skips sections, and locates the required information. 


Intensive reading is a technique which requires in depth reading of the text and is more time-consuming than skimming and scanning. The reader is required to read with complete attention and accuracy and also comprehend each and every word. 


Extensive reading, which can also be called pleasure reading, refers to reading large amounts of texts which lay more emphasis on fluency and less on accuracy. 

Reading skills encompass a range of abilities that individuals develop to comprehend and interpret written text. Different types of reading skills include:

Not Taking: 

Note taking is a skill that is used in learning through reading. When the reader reads a particular text and then makes structural and characterized notes, this skill comes into use and helps the reader learn quicker and more effectively. 


Phonics is the ability to recognize the connection between sounds and letters they make. This process of mapping the sounds in words to written words is a very important reading skill. Children first decode the words into sounds and encode the sounds into words as they write and spell.


Sentence construction is a skill which is useful in both reading and writing. Connecting words and phrases in a format such that it expresses the accurate expression the way it is in the writer’s mind.  Reading skills and sentence construction have a relationship such that they are both essential for each other’s development.

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