Voice Techniques In Communication And Public Speaking

One of the biggest fears of humans over the globe is public speaking, the major reason being the fear of getting embarrassed on stage and ending up in a complete fiasco. But what exactly do we need to do, so we don’t end up like this? 

The biggest life saver in the midst of the public speaking crisis is VOICE MODULATION.

Before plunging into the technicalities of voice modulation, let’s first understand what it is. 

Every occasion or event brings an opportunity to flaunt our speaking skills. But what benefit would it do if people get disinterested because of your tone? 

Here’s where we need to learn the quick tips to voice modulation.


It is the art of perfectly pitching the voice, managing the volume and tone, maintaining the pace and pauses, and expressing in the most effective way possible. Voice modulation builts the ability to connect with the audience, be more confident, and communicate efficiently.



The most essential technique that never fails to work is voice pitching. If you keep speaking in a monotone, there are maximum chances that the listeners will eventually get bored or disinterested in your piece of speech.
Keep in mind, your pitch while speaking should vary according to the purpose and intent of your speech. Which part of your content needs to be spoken at a higher pitch? The ones on which you want your audience to get alert and pay attention. Which of the content can be spoken at a lower pitch? The ones that do not play the most major role in your speech.


The importance that punctuation has does not limit to writing, it’s equally or rather more important while speaking.  All the expressions that a speaker brings in a speech is made possible only through punctuation. How do you express a question while speaking? Through the tone you just used in your head while reading this. This tone automatically came to you because there was a question mark there. 

If you follow the punctuations, your speech expression will naturally get better.


Pauses are probably the most important part of voice modulation. If you don't let your audience take a moment to process our speech, to comprehend all the content that you have delivered, you’re still standing at the starting point.  After every important and strong point that you say, pause for a moment, the way you do after a comma.


When do you watch your youtube videos at a faster pace? Only when you feel it’s not that important. 
The exact same thing happens when you’re delivering a speech. If you necessarily speak at a faster pace throughout, there is a high probability that the audience might just go through a brainstorm and not understand anything. 
In order to crack the appropriate pace, you need to examine which parts of your speech are more important and stress more on them through slowing down your pace. On the parts which are not that significant, you can pace up and allow the audience to skim those sections too. 
Voice modulation can bring the most evident changes in a writer’s speech and make it sound all the more engaging and attention grabbing.

Voice modulation can bring the most evident changes in a writer’s speech and make it sound all the more engaging and attention grabbing. In public speaking, there are various factors that play a role including body language, voice modulation, the content, the delivery of speech, and most most important, the confidence.  While public speaking, there might be a time when you are not able to follow these techniques, that is when the speakers’ instinct works, and more than that, confidence.  Everything boils down to the moment when the speaker is actually standing in front of its audience, ready to deliver everything that they prepared. 

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