Intonation Techniques

If you look around in a room, everybody knows how to speak but only a few of them would know how to speak in front of an audience, or to talk to a crowd. But how exactly does one learn public speaking? Public speaking is an art that is useful in not some, but many workfields all over the world. 

Several languages in the world, but the formula to good public speaking remains the same. By understanding some technicalities and practising them regularly can get you close to becoming a good public speaker. We will be listing some of those techniques here. 

Vocal Variety: 

Vocal variety is a term that includes many other aspects of voice modulation such as  pitch, tone, volume, and rate. It is basically the changes we make in our voice while speaking, to sound more interesting, expressive and grab attention. Having good vocal variety helps to avoid monotony, which is the biggest factor in keeping people hooked during a speech.

Pace in Speaking:

After the vocal variety, maintaining the pace of our speech stands at the second most important position. There is no way to make it interesting if we are going too fast or too slow. There is always a perfect amount of fast and slow that makes us sound just right.  Has someone ever told you that you speak too fast or too slow? If they’re unable to understand or get bored in conversations with you?  If yes, then learning to maintain your pace is precisely what you need. 

Voice Energy: 

Too dull while talking? Read this. You can be speaking the most interesting thing in the world and people can still get up and leave, why? Because you might sound too dull to them. The energy and enthusiasm that you need to maintain while your entire speech is very very crucial.  Maintaining an energised voice and body language helps to keep the audience alert and attentive.

Intonation and stress:

Why is it needed to put stress on particular words or points while speaking? BECAUSE THEY'RE MORE IMPORTANT. In any kind of speech, there are always some points which hold more importance than others and there must be a way to express their importance, which is putting the right amount of stress on them. 
The way different songs have different kinds of impacts on us and leave behind different feelings, similarly, a well tailored speech leaves a lot for the audience to ponder on and feel. Only an expressive speech will be able to affect the audience in such a way. And an expressive speech can only be designed through the mix of different tones and modulations of our voice. 
These techniques, if inculcated in your voice while public speaking, can bring in a lot of change in the audiences’ perception of you as a speaker. 
Every place or event that you go to, find yourself a chance to speak, do not scare yourself away from opportunities just because of the fear of failure. 

This is a journey that every public speaker has to live, and through this journey, they learn and become the best versions of themselves.

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