Tips To Make Your Child Read Faster

There are innumerable skills that parents want to instil in their kids at a young age, as it becomes very essential as they grow up. Being in school does not inculcate the right set of skills in children, rather they focus too much on the theoretical advancements. The practical skills that have value in real life are not paid enough attention to. One of those crucial skills are reading skills, which further develops speaking skills and builds confidence. Reading with fluency has become a very useful skill over the period of time as it contributes in various fields. 

In this blog, there are techniques and steps on how you can teach your child to read faster and fluently. 

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Reading to them regularly: 

The most basic form of learning is listening. The more a child hears fluent reading, the more they absorb that in their minds. Allocating an hour of dedicated reading for your child will also inculcate disciplined reading habits in them.  The practice of regular reading will ignite a sense of excitement and they’ll want to read by themselves. Strat with short paragraphs, poems, short stories and eventually longer stories. Listening to a part of an interesting story will automatically spark the curiosity in them to listen to more. 

Teaching kids how to track words: 

Learning a language can be difficult, and speaking and reading it is even a bigger challenge. A language as complex as english, it can be difficult to have fluency while reading. It becomes crucial to help your child track words in a text, the words that are used very often, adverbs, conjunctions, the smaller words. Smaller words followed by larger words, the process needs to be accelerated since they are young. 


As important as it is for kids to read fast and fluently, it is equally important for them to be expressie while reading.  When parents read aloud to their kids, they need to read with a lot of expressions which also teaches kids the importance of expressing in conversations. Additionally, it teaches them the importance of punctuation marks and their various uses in different contexts. 

Develop memory: 

Once a person starts reading, they develop a kind of memory for the grammatical structure of words and sentences. As a result, while reading, they would know the structure of a few commonly used sentences, which increases the speed of reading.
When children develop this memory, it helps them to remember the sentence formations, which also allows them to speak fluently. 

Focus on pronunciation: 

Along with reading fluency, comes the usage of correct pronunciation. When a child reads regularly, they come across several new words, they understand their meanings, their purpose in that context and their correct pronunciation.  When a child remembers the pronunciations of at least the basic words, it becomes slightly easier for them to read. This process advances further with the help of phonics sounds, understanding the sounds made by letters and ultimately being able to pronounce words without requiring help.

Advancing vocabulary: 

Every time we look for a word on google, we look for an example where the word is used in a sentence to understand the meaning in a better way. Similarly, when we read, it becomes easier to understand the meanings of words and how they can be used in a sentence.  When we talk about kids, they will gain more interest in reading story books than in reading dictionaries, making reading crucial.  Reading and developing vocabulary has a direct relationship, both being interdependent. A child lacking any one of these skills will later face difficulty in developing communication skills. 

Don't move too fast: 

Every child moves at their own pace, they need their time to learn, process and deliver. Reading is a skill which brings with it, a lot other skills that can ultimately develop a child’s personality as a whole. Learning to read fluently is a long process and requires a lot of other factors to take place, some of which are mentioned above.  Parents and teachers should act patiently around children who are in the process of learning to read and develop communication skills. 

These were some of the techniques which can help your child read more fluently at a faster pace. Although they need assistance from elders at every step, they adapt to these habits and techniques very quickly.  Parents and teachers need to begin a journey with their kids, start reading themselves to leave an impact, inculcate those habits in them and encourage them when they practise. 

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